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By Steve Bruno www.morethanhope.com

By Steve Bruno www.morethanhope.com

By Steve Bruno www.morethanhope.comBy Steve Bruno www.morethanhope.comBy Steve Bruno www.morethanhope.com

When an Epidemic meets a Pandemic

20 Years of Experience at 20% of The Cost

My name is Steve Bruno and I have been an Interventionist for almost 20 years. 

I have done  hundreds of interventions all over the world.

Now, with the Coronavirus, Covid-19 and all of the various orders, quarantines, and "social isolation," I am offering Intervention strategy via phone, Zoom or Skype.


When I do in-person interventions I maintain around a 90% success rate, twice the national average. This is the result of my having been an addict for many years, so I know the neighborhood addicts and alcoholics live in.

The key to any successful intervention is for the family to help me develop and to then follow key instructions. If you're ready to do this, the $999 for up to ten hours (or $150 per hour when purchased individually) is well worth it.

My Book

A complete guide to interventions for families who do not need professional help.

A Complete Intervention Guidebook

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